Launched in 2024

Create unique, client-tailored illustrations in seconds, not hours.

Type a prompt , choose or import a style, and our AI generates four high-quality SVG/PNG options instantly.


5 hours illustrating

Slow, manual drawing process
Stressful rush to meet deadlines
Less time for creativity


5 minutes illustrating

Quick creation of multiple designs
Relaxed, efficient work
More time to be creative


Capture Your Client's Unique Style: Effortlessly

Reduce revisions and feedback cycles by uploading a few reference images, and let Paint Potion maintain consistency of your client's unique aesthetic.

Illustrations of your client

A dog sitting

How it works

Upgrade Your Design Process
in Three Simple Steps


Simple Vector Generation

Simply provide a prompt and select a style, it will generate 4 illustrations in less than 30 seconds.


Refine Your Design with Variation

Use the 'Variate' button to regenerate the remaining three, honing in on your perfect design.


Export Your Illustration to SVG/PNG

Select the illustration that fits your project and export it into SVG or PNG format instantly.


Empower Your Design Team with AI

Discover how our platform helps you achieve design efficiency, consistency, and scalability, while empowering your team to create exceptional visuals.

Meet Deadlines

Save valuable time and resources by generating multiple style-consistent illustrations in seconds

Maintain Brand Identity

Ensure a cohesive visual identity across all projects and platforms with ease.

Nurture Creativity

Free your team from tedious tasks, reduce creative burnout and unlock their full creative potential.

Scale Your Business

Take on more projects and clients without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Deliver Impeccable Quality

Create adaptable vector illustrations that seamlessly scale to any size and format.

Be a pioneer in design

Embrace cutting-edge technology and position your agency as an innovative leader.


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Plans & Pricing

Take a look at our plans to find the best fit for your creativity needs.

3-Day Access

One-time payment

Ideal for a quick design sprint or testing out Paint Potion before committing.


  • Access for 3 days after purchase
  • 25 prompts (1 prompt = 4 images)
  • 10 credits (1 credit = 1 vectorization)
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For freelancers searching to create stunning illustrations faster and take on more projects.


  • One user only
  • 250 prompts per monthNo rollover, 1 prompt = 4 images
  • 50 credits per monthNo rollover, 1 credit = 1 vectorization
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Perfect for agencies and larger teams with demanding design requirements.


  • Unlimited users (soon)
  • 1000 prompts per monthNo rollover, 1 prompt = 4 images
  • 250 credits per monthNo rollover, 1 credit = 1 vectorization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how Paint Potion works? We've got answers.

What is the difference with Dall-E or MidJourney?

These AI models can create images with a vector style but cannot convert them into SVG. That's where Paint Potion comes into play. Additionally, you can upload several vector illustrations in a specific style, and Paint Potion will use these styles as references for any new prompts you decide to create.

What is the IP policy? Can I use the images however I want?

Absolutely! Once you generate an image with Paint Potion, you have the right to use it however you wish. There are no usage restrictions, and the generated image is entirely yours for both personal and commercial purposes.

What does 'prompt' mean in Paint Potion?

A 'prompt' is a brief description or idea that you input into our system to create a vector illustration. For example, it could be 'a cat sitting on a rug' or 'a city skyline at sunset'.

Can I choose to generate fewer than 4 vectors at a time?

No, our system is designed to generate four vectors at a time to provide you with a variety of options for your design needs.

Can I save the illustrations I generate?

Yes, all illustrations you generate are automatically saved in your history. These images will be preserved for at least three months.

Can I export the vectors I've created with Paint Potion?

After creating your vector illustration, you have two export options: SVG and PNG, it will cost 1 credit for each vectorization.

Who are you and how can I contact you?

My name is Bryan, and I'm the solo founder of Paint Potion. You can find me on Twitter/X at @bryanpar_