Create stylish & consistent vector illustrations in seconds

Just type a prompt and our AI will generate four unique vector illustrations that maintain a consistent style. Perfect for busy web agencies and creative individuals, it simplifies and speeds up your design process.

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Upgrade Your Design Process
in Three Simple Steps


Hassle-Free Vector Generation

Simply provide a prompt and select a style, it will generate 4 illustrations in less than 30 seconds.


Refine Your Design with Variation

Use the 'Variate' button to regenerate the remaining three, honing in on your perfect design.


Export Your Illustration to SVG/PNG

Select the illustration that fits your project and export it into SVG or PNG format instantly.


Experience the Versatility of Paint Potion

Explore how a single concept can transform across different styles, watch how our AI reimagines the same prompt: A girl reading along her cat

Get notified when we’re launching.

Only 20 presale users have access to the platform now, we’ll notify you when we’re launching so you can have access as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how Paint Potion works? We've got answers.

Can I upload my own style?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We will be adding this feature in the future, but only when the technology will allow sufficient quality for style reproduction (early tests were not conclusive).

Will there be more styles available in the future?

Yes, we will be adding more styles in the future, especially with the feedback of our early supporters.

What is the difference with Dall-E or MidJourney ?

These AI models can create images with a vector style but cannot convert them into SVG, that's where Paint Potion comes into play as it's a wrapper of two AIs: one to create the image and another to convert it into a perfect SVG file. In addition to this, we're adding a nice user interface / customer experience, so it's very easy to define a consistent style (no "prompt engineering" necessary).

What is the IP policy? Can I use the images however I want?

Absolutely! Once you generate an image with PaintPotion, you have the right to use it in any way you want. There are no usage restrictions, and the generated image is entirely yours to use for personal or commercial purposes.

What happens if the pre-sale is not complete by January 31st?

We will issue a full refund to all who have made a purchase on February 1st. We believe in our product, but we also believe in a risk-free experience for our early supporters.

What happens after the pre-sale packs are sold out?

We will close all sells and start the beta phase of PaintPotion. Once the beta phase is done, we will transition to a subscription-only model and we will open the sells again. We recommend securing your pre-sale pack now to enjoy services without a monthly commitment.

What does a 'prompt' mean in Paint Potion?

A 'prompt' is a brief description or idea that you input into our system to create a vector illustration. For example, 'a cat sitting on a rug' or 'a city skyline at sunset'.

Can I choose to generate fewer than 4 vectors at a time?

No, our system is designed to generate 4 vectors at a time to give you a variety of options for your design needs.

Can I save the illustrations I generate?

Yes, all illustrations you generate are automatically saved in your history. These illustrations will be saved for at least 30 days, when subscriptions will be introduced, some plans will allow you to save your illustrations for longer (if you want to).

Can I export the vectors I've created with Paint Potion?

After creating your vector illustration, you have two export options. You can convert the vector into SVG format and download it, or you can export the illustration as a PNG image directly onto your device.

Who are you and how can I contact you?

My name is Bryan and I'm a full stack TS developper, you can find me on Twitter/X at @bryanpar_