Generating Your First Vector Illustration

Our quick start guide takes you through the intuitive process of generating your first style-consistent vector illustration, using the power of AI to transform your illustration concept into reality.

User GuideMay 15, 2024

Step 1: Describe Your Desired Illustration

Upon logging into the Paint Potion platform, you will be directed to the Generate page by default. This page is your starting point for creating style-consistent vector illustrations.

At the top of the Generate page, there's a prompt bar labeled "Describe the content of the vector you want to see".

Type a brief and clear description of what you want your vector illustration to depict.

Example: "A futuristic cityscape with flying cars"

Step 2: Select Illustration Parameters

To the right of the prompt bar, you will see a filter icon. Click on this icon to open the Parameters Panel where you can customize your illustration further.

Here are the options of the Parameters Panel you can choose from

  1. Style Selection: Select from the predefined styles available or choose a custom style if you have uploaded any.

  2. Details Option: Set the level of detail for your illustration. This option will add or remove elements from the illustrations and make the main elements more or less detailed. Note that this does not impact the quality of the illustrations generated, only their complexity.

  3. Negative Prompts (optional): Specify what you do not want in your illustration by entering the terms that you want to avoid, like “clouds” or “dark colors”.

  4. Colors and Tones (optional): It helps match your desired color palette by specifying the preferred colors you want for your illustration.

All the active parameters appear just below the prompt bar, in the form of badges, so you can quickly see your current options.

Step 3: Generate the Illustration

Once you have entered your prompt and set your desired parameters, click the Generate button at the right of the prompt bar.

The AI will create 4 unique vector illustrations based on your prompt and parameters, in less than 30 seconds, like so :

Step 4: Review & Variate the results

  1. Review: Click on any illustration to view it in more detail (or use the "zoom" icon once you hover an image), then switch between them to decide which one is the best. If none suits you, you can re-generate the same prompt and update the parameters according to the previous results.

  2. Variate: If one of them is interesting, you can make four new variations of it, which will slightly change some details of the illustration so you can have new and better versions to choose from. For technical reasons, you can only variate for the first 24 hours since its generation.

Step 5: Export Your Illustration in SVG or PNG

  1. Vectorize the Illustration: When you hover over one of the illustrations, you'll see a Vectorize button appear at the bottom of the image. Click on it to initiate the vectorization process, which costs 1 credit.

  2. Download or Copy: Once the vectorization is done (5 to 10 seconds), select the format of the image you want (SVG or PNG), and click on Download to save the file to your device, or Copy to copy the image to your clipboard for use in other software.

Congratulations! You've successfully generated and exported your first vector illustration using Paint Potion 🎉

You can always revisit and manage all your previous illustrations by navigating to the History tab on the left sidebar.

As you continue to explore Paint Potion, you'll discover even more features and customization options to elevate your design projects. Happy illustrating!

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