Importing and Using Your Character

Learn how to use your own character in new, persistent and unique vector illustrations

User GuideJune 27, 2024

Step 1: Select the Image

To create a character reference, start by selecting a clear image of your character. Here are some tips for better results:

  • One Image is Enough: You can get good results with just one image. However, uploading more images with different angles or poses can provide better diversity of the character.

  • Quality Matters: Ensure the image is clear and detailed for the best outcome (SVG or high-res PNG/JPG are the best inputs).

  • Format: The image should be in SVG, PNG, or JPG format. PNG/JPG images will cost 1 credit per image for their vectorization.

For this guide, we will once again use an illustration from, of a blond man with sunglasses:

Step 2: Create the Character Reference

Navigate to the References page, and switch to the "Characters" tab, so the top-right button becomes "Add a new Character".

Click on this "Add a new character" button at the top right corner and a modal will open where you can name your character and upload the reference image(s).

You can now upload your image, and submit the character. It may take up to 30 seconds to upload and process the reference image(s).

When the character is successfully created, you will see it on your character list. You can click on "Details" to review or edit the images and rename the character as needed.

Step 3: Use the Character Reference

Go to the Generate page and click the filter icon next to the "Generate" button to open the Parameters Panel.

Under the "Character" selection, find and select your newly created character.

Now, you have the choice between "Full Character" and "Face-Only".

  • Full Character: This option will use the face, hair, and clothing from your uploaded image.

  • Face-Only: This option will use only the character’s face, generating new clothing and hair based on your prompt.

Let's use "Face only" for our example:

You can see that we also selected the style "Scalezia", you can select a related style to complement your character, which will result in more diverse and style-consistent images, but it's also possible to choose "No style" to focus solely on the character's design.

Let's now generate new illustrations of our character with the prompt: A brave knight standing in a battlefield

(At the moment you have a word related to a character like "knight", "man", "woman", "child", "animal", or even "rabbit" depending on the image uploaded, Paint Potion will know that it concerns the character selected, and make the best images accordingly.)

You can now click on the Generate button, and appreciate our brave ScaleMan:

Congratulations! You've successfully created and used a character using Paint Potion 🎉

You can always edit, delete, or create new characters on the References page.

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