Importing and Using Your Style

Discover the process of importing custom reference images and using this style to generate consistent and personalized vector illustrations.

User GuideMay 17, 2024

Step 1: Select the Reference Images

To use your style or your client's style in the style reference feature, you need to select the proper images—up to 5 of them. We advise selecting at least 3 images for better diversity, resulting in better generations.

For this guide, we will use the beautiful illustrations from to show you the versatility of Paint Potion.

Here are some rules to respect for the images you're uploading:

  • Use one illustration per image instead of sets of illustrations within a single image

  • Avoid using gradients, as they do not vectorize well

  • Images can have any ratio

Once you select the images, ensure that they are in SVG or PNG/JPG format.
For PNG/JPG images, it will cost 1 credit per image to add it to the style reference because they need to be vectorized for the style reference feature to work.

Step 2: Create the Style Reference

Go to the References page and click on the "Add a new style" button at the top right corner.

A modal will open where you can name your style and upload your reference images.

If you have imported any PNG/JPG images, the system will inform you about the credits that will be used upon submitting this new style.

Once everything is set, you can submit the style. It may take up to 30 seconds for the style to upload and process the reference images:

When the style is successfully created, you will see it on your style list. You can even click on "Details" to review or edit the images it contains and rename it as you wish:

Step 3: Use the Style Reference

Now comes the exciting part. To use this new style, go to the Generate page and open the Parameters Panel by clicking the filter icon next to the "Generate" button.

Under "Style Selection," your new style reference should already be selected. If not, search for it and ensure it is selected. A special tag labeled "custom" should be visible next to its name to facilitate your search.

Click "Save & Close" and start typing the prompt for the illustration you want to generate. For example: "A rocket going up".

Note: The first prompt used with a new style may take longer to generate than subsequent ones; this is normal.

Once the generation is complete, you will see unique and style-consistent illustrations based on your prompt:

You can now choose the one you prefer, or variate/re-generate to have more options to choose from, and then vectorize it for your project

Congratulations! You've successfully created and used a style using Paint Potion 🎉

You can always edit, delete, or create new styles on the References page.

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